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Is That Job Search Coach Qualified?

It is essential for anyone considering engaging a job search coach to understand the coach’s professional background and qualifications. The coaching profession has many disciplines, including, life, business, career, executive, and leadership development. The selected coach should be a master at doing what the client needs done.

The professional employment assistance field has evolved enormously. Recruiters, outplacement companies, employment agencies, human resource consultants, and talent management firms have all morphed with the intention of being contemporary solutions providers to a work-world that is changing more rapidly than ever before.Networking Online

There has been consolidation with some of the large international and national outplacement/career services firms. Lee Hecht Harrison acquired their arch-competitor Drake Beam Morin and the company is now part of the $19 billion mega-services empire of Adecco. Right Management, another career services giant, is now part of the $22 billion global conglomerate Manpower Group.

Finding a strong job search coach requires some research and diligence.

Small boutique firms offering excellent career transition services and job search coaching now represent collectively, a huge share of the market.  The contrast in service delivery approaches between the giant firms and the boutiques is all about personalized service. The small firms can promise to be involved almost daily with all the ins and outs of a client’s job search. In reality, an employee of one of the giant companies making that type of promise would cost them their job!

A job search coach employed by one of the large firms works  almost exclusively with displaced, corporately-sponsored employees.  The vast majority of professionals looking for new jobs nowadays are not sponsored by their company – they are looking on their own and spending their own money.  Most people are not eligible for or can’t afford the large firms.

Any experienced and successful job search coach will have a systematic and proven approach to developing a well thought out job search plan that can be tailored to meet individual client needs while covering:

  1. Clarifying what makes one most employable and valuableStraight Pass
  2. Development of an over-arching strategy
  3. Preparation of executive resumes, Linkedin profile, and key correspondence
  4. Interactive development of essential dialog (personal branding)
  5. Exploration of targeted markets and business circles
  6. Development of third party influence (networking and personal contacts)
  7. Preparation for interviewing and offer negotiations

It is important to find out as much as you can about a job search coach before committing to a working relationship. For everyone looking for a new job, the stakes are high.

It is possible to find a job search coach who can make a huge difference helping you enjoy what you still refer to as your work.

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