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Need A Job Search Coach?

Ambitious professionals in transition can benefit tremendously from a close working relationship with a well qualified job search coach.  Working with an experienced and proven job search coach can mean the difference between securing a role in which you thrive and grow or wasting years in a lackluster job going nowhere. A relationship with a […]

Unlocking the Value of Feedback

“People say I don’t take criticism well, but I say, “What the hell do they know?” – Groucho Marx Feedback is great not just for what it is, but for what comes from it. For many, feedback is a scary word. “Oh no, I think she’s going to give me feedback on my presentation.” “I […]

Is That Job Search Coach Qualified?

It is essential for anyone considering engaging a job search coach to understand the coach’s professional background and qualifications. The coaching profession has many disciplines, including, life, business, career, executive, and leadership development. The selected coach should be a master at doing what the client needs done. The professional employment assistance field has evolved enormously. Recruiters, […]