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The need for leadership development never goes away. There is a degree of leadership in all of us – and few can afford to have it suppressed or go very long without attention.  Master craftsmen are always making sure their tools and resources are in great condition. As you rise through the ranks in any organization, the onus is on you to be sharpening your own tools! As a Board Certified Career and Leadership Development Coach, my clients rely on me, the same way top level athletes rely on their coaches. My career has been dedicated to the career success of others for more than twenty-five years.  “If you have never had a career advancement coach on your team, now may be a good time to develop a real competitive advantage.” – Tony McKeon, BCC 

We don’t build heart … we engage it!

While we work with world-class leadership development resources – it is our one-on-one coaching that melds our expertise with the talents of our clients. Together, we figure out what has to be done to improve performance or power a career transition.  Our leadership development programs have led to sweeping changes and dramatic improvements in companies across the U.S. and internationally. Leadership development points needle to coaching

Why Leadership Development Requires Coaching

People are so busy getting essential work done that they often fail to consciously and strategically commit time to elevate their own performance. Leadership is about influence – period. Managers have to be engaged, equipped, and empowered to get things done, often with and through others.  Managers need to continuously develop leadership and management skills at one level while preparing to work at the next level up. Senior leaders must be effective coaching others.

All too often, exiting talent joins the competition. It is risky and expensive (sometimes 4 times the annual salary) to replace highly valued employees. A cascade of positive implications exists when high potential/high value managers stay. Matthew Ryan & Associates has worked with Sharon Jordan Evans, co-author of a highly regarded book on retaining talent: Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em www.keepem.com

Our efforts to drive and support change are significantly enhanced by the open-mindedness of the professionals with whom we work.  According to John C. Maxwell, leading author, consultant/coach, “Leadership is about influence – nothing more, nothing less.”  www.johnmaxwellonleadership.com

Few people work in silos. There must be a win-win. When someone is advancing their own cause (with leadership development coaching), top management should expect corresponding group performance improvements. Some of the largest measures of leader effectiveness include the measure of outcomes created through the work of others. www.ccl.org/benchmarks

While many companies are spending less on training and development, they must develop key contributors. This enhances the attractiveness of the company as an Employer of Choice.  They must also develop their own leaders of tomorrow through succession management.

Good coaching like ours fosters a sense of renewal – and brings forward the true authentic leader.  This leader is the one who can get away with BEING who they really are – while shaping and directing best practices that others appreciate and buy into knowing they too are part of the brand, part of an organization that believes in and invests in its talent.  The Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara is one the most respected developers of leadership coaches in the U.S.  www.hudsoninstitute.com

Competency-Based Professional Development

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We  have designed and implemented company-wide behavioral competency programs that have significantly improved how thousands of employees work alone, with colleagues, and those they serve.

Our Behavioral Competency development materials and related coaching strategies and methodologies are in use in companies in the U.S. and abroad.

We accelerate the development of high potential contributors. Common elements of our work allow us to:

  • Identify and develop core values and core competencies
  • Chart observable and measurable progress markers
  • Leverage the facilitation of Personal and 360° Multi-Rater Feedback
  • Drive talent development and leadership management throughout the employment experience linking hiring, development, retention, and succession planning

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